Sunday, 13 June 2010

A scary time ahead and jewellery from others

I knew it had to come but it doesn't make it any less scary.
I am about to lose my job and try to find another one.
This is the nature of the work I do, I work in a school as a classroom assistant with a special needs child, he is leaving for 'big school' and so my contract ends.
I have spent the last week feeling alternately worried, scared, terrified and numb. This weekend I have been writing a personal statement and filling in application forms, a woman of 47 shouldn't have to do this sort of thing, it's the world of the young.
I shall know by the end of the month whether I am successful, I may have bitten my fingers down to the bone by then.

Some of my beads have been made into beautiful jewellery by a couple of very talented designers.
Kim Gover of Beadilicious Designs created this bracelet using some of the safari beads I made.

It's wonderful Kim.

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