Friday, 12 April 2013

So here's what I've been up to

I am a member of the UK Borders Agency quilting bee on Flikr run by Kerry of Penny Dog Patchwork .
We made a central block each here's mine
I am so proud of this as it's my first ever quilt block :):):)
 I packed up my little tortoise saw tooth star block and sent it to the first recipient and waited for  one of the other members to send me theirs.
This is the first border I ever made on Wendy's block
I can tell you it was a very scary time, I didn't want to make a mess up of someone's hard work and also what on earth would they think of my sewing, I showed pictures of my ideas and fabric choices and just went for it. Happily Wendy was very happy with it. Then I packed it off to the next person on the list.
And so on it goes. I've seen a few pictures of my block with it's added borders and I can't wait to get it back, It's looking amazing.
Here's another border I did
This time I wanted another dimension so I added some Prairie points on top of a beautiful print from Amy Butler.
And the latest border
I'm not sure this is finished yet, I might still add some thing to the left and right borders.
Well that's what I've been up to. Well, as well as course work, looking after grandchildren (love that) and working. Oh and in my quilt group we are making a  quillow! But more on that another time.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Downs and ups and soul searching

Well what a roller coaster ride it's been these last couple of years!
Family illness, bereavements and breakdowns, then a couple of new grandchildren and passing exams. All this led to a lot of soul searching.
What makes me happy? What is important in my life?
So, a change was needed.
I had been losing enthusiasm for my beads, jewellery and clay work for some time, it was becoming a chore and with my new "Do what makes me happy" approach I decided to put them aside.
I passed a maths exam and started a city and guilds course because of upheaval at work and I had to think of my future. It was tough going because I have slight dyscalculia, There was a lot of cussing! The C and G course is still going on for another 6 months and it's a hard slog but needed.

When the first new grandchild arrived I wanted to make something special for him and decided on a cot quilt. I so enjoyed making it that I went on a fabric hunt so that I could create more things. Here's Harry on his quilt

I made this for Sofie, our son's girlfriend, I drew the elephant for her and made the frame for it.
I've joined a quilting group, we meet once a month and I am a member of an online quilting bee and I have my enthusiasm back again. I've joined the gym, have a new zest for life and I'm looking forward to my 50th birthday in a couple of days.

You can now keep up with my blog on Bloglovin here Follow my blog with Bloglovin I'm a slow blogger though ;)

 Life is what you make it so do what makes you happy.