Monday, 27 June 2011

Doodle Buttons Gone Wrong

The lovely Jill of Kiln Fired Art sent me some of her amazing doodle decals as I had wondered whether they would work on polymer clay.
I decided to make some little star buttons as there was a 'Star' challenge coming up in the craft Pimp forum I belong to.
I rolled the clay and set to cutting out pieces of the decal sheet I thought would look good on the buttons, I was quite excited about how they would turn out.
The pieces took seconds to release from the backing in the warm water and I laid them onto the sheet of clay and dabbed them dry with a piece of kitchen roll.
after covering the clay with a layer of cling film I cut out the star shapes. I didn't have time to bake them right then so I left them over night. when I went back to them in the morning the top of the buttons looked all glossy, I touched one of them, it was all sticky, The decal had reacted with the polymer, I could have cried.

Well I thought, maybe they will be alright after baking, No, they were still sticky.
then i thought maybe if I cover them with 'Klear' that will seal the sticky in.
Yay! It worked. But i am not confident about them and I shall just have to put it down to a failed experiment and a lesson learned.
Here are the buttons baked and covered with Klear.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Nicola of Smitten Kitten

Nicola is a talented multi crafter. She makes the most beautiful and unique pendants using clusters of colourful glass beads and pretty charms to design each one.

She uses pretty pearls to make the most feminine jewellery

I love these brooches.

and her 'Angry Birds' earring are so much fun

You can find Nicola's creations for sale on her website and Etsy
Please check out her very stylish Blog

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Glass artist Vicki Christian

Also known as "Beads for Breakfast", Vicki makes the most delicious beads, though I wouldn't recommend eating them ;)
Would you believe she has only been lamp working for 2 years!

 As you can see Vicki loves to make brightly coloured beads and she does it all from her kitchen.
I really like these blue ones.

You can find Vicki on Etsy and Facebook as well as her  website

Red, Red Wine Buttons

If there's one thing I love it's buttons! I love making them too.
I made these using Premo, I am really liking that clay. I used the same method as I did when I made the green daisy pendant but Used a gorgeous dark, wine red. then  added silver metal foil and orange and red inks, then to really go over the top I thought I'd put some glitter on there too. :)
I've just put them on Etsy but I think I'm going to have to make some more, they'd look great on my black cardi.

My pretty yoga mat bag

I have been wanting a yoga mat bag for ages, so when I saw some really pretty batik material in my local store I just had to buy it.
I surprised myself by going for the pink option, I am really not a pink type of girl.
I found a great pattern online here, really easy to follow instructions with good diagrams.

Here it is.