Saturday, 28 May 2011

Blog Ring post for Lisa of Obliciousness

This is my first blog post for the Craft Pimp blog ring and it’s for Lisa of Oodles of Obliciousness.
Lisa is a talented crafter who tries her hand at many things.
She has a passion for cooking and baking, especially cupcakes, yummy and these Whiskey Mac ones look absolutely delicious Lisa. 

Lisa is a very talented seed beader , her creations with the tiniest beads are a works of art. Just take a look at this intricate cuff she made, and then gave away!  It must have taken her hours and hours to make. What a kind and generous gesture.

She is also a card maker, using some fabulous patterned papers.

I have really enjoyed looking through Lisa’s blog, there are so many of her crafty ventures on there, like, polymer clay, sewing and jewellery making. I wonder what she’ll be trying next.
Why not follow Lisa’s blog  to see more of her lovely creations.

Monday, 16 May 2011

foils, inks and watercolour

This week I got a delivery of Premo clay, I have never used it before (I'm a Fimo girl).
First impressions are that the colours are so vibrant, the clay feels very plasticy.
It blends really well and conditions very quickly.

I wanted to use the translucent so made a pendant with foils and inks and a layer of trans over the top.
WOW! it was so easy to get it really thin without tearing and I could immediately see the foils and inks under it before baking instead of a milky white film.

The finished result is the best trans I have achieved. very happy

 Here's a view of the backside too

Another batch of watercolour beads, this time with a purple base, no trans layer and no black layer. I like these.

Ha ha I just noticed the text that this picture was taken on (just beneath the beads) Delia Smith's Vegetarian cookbook. I might have to retake the picture before I try to sell them.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Yo Ho Ho

Look who turned up at the Flower Parade. Well you could have knocked me down with a feather but he was more interested in watching Colette lampworking.

This was our table set up, we had a double table on a corner with my demo table aka workbench, at one end and Colette's torch set up at the other end. It worked really well and we had a good couple of days.

I made a few beads and a cane during my demo's.

A lovely couple of days.