Saturday, 14 August 2010

Puppy sitting

Daughter and nearly son in law are having a jolly in London town today, they've gone to see Oliver at the Drury Lane, well I say 'see' it, their tickets, they tell me, are so far back they had to go out of the theatre and round the corner into a different entrance and up '10' flights of stairs ( I think he was exaggerating a bit). Anyway their puppy Border Terrier 'Louie' is visiting us while they are away.
Boy! looking after a puppy is harder work than I remember the children were.
We've played ball in the garden, dug a few holes, been for a walk and said hello to every passer by even if they didn't want to, barked at the rabbits, ransacked the flower beds and just now fallen asleep. So I'm having a bit of a rest too. They aren't back for another couple of hours but I think he's enjoyed himself

On the clay front... I am experimenting with translucent canes on coloured backgrounds.
Pictures to follow .

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