Friday, 29 April 2011

Spalding Flower Parade

It's that time of year again, the Spalding Flower Parade starts tomorrow, 30th April.
Colette and I are having a table at the craft fair again, we keep saying we wont do it again because of the poor turn out, not to the parade, just the craft fair. It never seems to be advertised enough, the bane of crafters lives. Organisers must get the organising right or the fair will flop.
So why are we doing it again?
We joined, no, we founded with some other like minded crafters, The Fenland Guild, a group of local crafts people, who were all sick and tired of poor organisers.
We are doing the Spalding Flower Parade Craft Fair under our Fenland Guild banner, we put up our own posters and banners all around the area and done our promoting to friends and colleagues.
Keeping our fingers crossed that this year things will be much better.

Pictures of the flower floats and general merriment to follow.

Oh and here's a better picture of those pink beads including the tube bead , I am so happy with it I might keep it, but it's pink and I know I'll never wear it.

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