Monday, 16 May 2011

foils, inks and watercolour

This week I got a delivery of Premo clay, I have never used it before (I'm a Fimo girl).
First impressions are that the colours are so vibrant, the clay feels very plasticy.
It blends really well and conditions very quickly.

I wanted to use the translucent so made a pendant with foils and inks and a layer of trans over the top.
WOW! it was so easy to get it really thin without tearing and I could immediately see the foils and inks under it before baking instead of a milky white film.

The finished result is the best trans I have achieved. very happy

 Here's a view of the backside too

Another batch of watercolour beads, this time with a purple base, no trans layer and no black layer. I like these.

Ha ha I just noticed the text that this picture was taken on (just beneath the beads) Delia Smith's Vegetarian cookbook. I might have to retake the picture before I try to sell them.

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  1. Lol..yeah, you might not want the "sad throwback" bit;o))
    Interesting reading Nan, look forward to more delights soon..;o)