Monday, 27 June 2011

Doodle Buttons Gone Wrong

The lovely Jill of Kiln Fired Art sent me some of her amazing doodle decals as I had wondered whether they would work on polymer clay.
I decided to make some little star buttons as there was a 'Star' challenge coming up in the craft Pimp forum I belong to.
I rolled the clay and set to cutting out pieces of the decal sheet I thought would look good on the buttons, I was quite excited about how they would turn out.
The pieces took seconds to release from the backing in the warm water and I laid them onto the sheet of clay and dabbed them dry with a piece of kitchen roll.
after covering the clay with a layer of cling film I cut out the star shapes. I didn't have time to bake them right then so I left them over night. when I went back to them in the morning the top of the buttons looked all glossy, I touched one of them, it was all sticky, The decal had reacted with the polymer, I could have cried.

Well I thought, maybe they will be alright after baking, No, they were still sticky.
then i thought maybe if I cover them with 'Klear' that will seal the sticky in.
Yay! It worked. But i am not confident about them and I shall just have to put it down to a failed experiment and a lesson learned.
Here are the buttons baked and covered with Klear.

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