Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Lucious cupcakes

My nearly sister-in-law, Amanda, (hurry up and make an honest woman of her Alan)is a very talented artist when it comes to cupcakes.
Her edible masterpieces are the best I've ever seen, I've tasted a few too and they are just as delicious as they look.
She makes BIG cupcakes like this pretty one.

I love these deep pink cakes

These vintage looking ones are beautiful, look at the detail, she's even added tiny buttons, I have a thing about buttons, I'm a bit of a collector.

and how cute are these little monsters?

Amanda lives in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. She has a website here and her facebook page is here


  1. How could you post this at this time of night (a minute to midnight) unfair now I want some cake - they look absolutely scrummy :)

  2. Un blog fabuloso, te sigo. Besos desde Barcelona (España)

  3. OMG..they are just AMAZING!!..;o))x