Saturday, 17 March 2012

A Giveaway in Celebration!

Well after a very long labour and even longer pregnancy, our new little grandson, Harry James Richardson is finally here!
Poor Claire had a traumatic labour, a caesarian after forceps, but Harry arrived safely on the 8th February weighing 10lb 2oz. Wow!

To celebrate his birth I am having a giveaway.

This pendant is made from polymer clay. I stamped it with a butterfly wing stamp then added ink in aubergine and silver metallic powder to give it an iridescence. I've put it on a silver snake chain which threads through a glued on bail.
It is a beautiful pendant, nearly kept it for myself.

To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is leave a comment and I'll get Claire to pick a winner from the hat on Harry's behalf

Here it is...

Finally... Here's Harry


  1. Lovely colours on the pendant :)

  2. Thanks Melanie, You're the first in the hat :)

  3. Isn't he beautiful? From one Clair to another Claire - well done on your lovely boy and look after yourself.

  4. What a lovely thing to do Nan, and what a delicious little boy Harry is too Claire!Loads of love Sue :)

    1. I didn't mean to be anonuymous but just couldn't work out which profile to choose! Sue (Stott!)

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments, you're both in the hat. :)

  6. Oooo Nan, he is gorgeous. 10lb 2oz...ouchie!! Hope mum and baby are doing well. Laney x

  7. He's a delight! Congratulations! :)

  8. Welcome to the world, young Harry!
    He's gorgeous, Nan...there's nothing so good as a new grandchild :-)

    The pendant is lovely as well!

    Carrie xx

  9. I think he's the most perfect little guy, all dimples and smiles.

  10. Tomorrow is the draw day. make sure you get your comments in. Harry's very excited to see who wins.

  11. I thought I had commented, sorry.

    Aww Harry is cute and its great when they smile with their little dimples..

    Goregeous pendant too xxxx

  12. that's o.k Vic and thank you. xx xx xx