Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Downs and ups and soul searching

Well what a roller coaster ride it's been these last couple of years!
Family illness, bereavements and breakdowns, then a couple of new grandchildren and passing exams. All this led to a lot of soul searching.
What makes me happy? What is important in my life?
So, a change was needed.
I had been losing enthusiasm for my beads, jewellery and clay work for some time, it was becoming a chore and with my new "Do what makes me happy" approach I decided to put them aside.
I passed a maths exam and started a city and guilds course because of upheaval at work and I had to think of my future. It was tough going because I have slight dyscalculia, There was a lot of cussing! The C and G course is still going on for another 6 months and it's a hard slog but needed.

When the first new grandchild arrived I wanted to make something special for him and decided on a cot quilt. I so enjoyed making it that I went on a fabric hunt so that I could create more things. Here's Harry on his quilt

I made this for Sofie, our son's girlfriend, I drew the elephant for her and made the frame for it.
I've joined a quilting group, we meet once a month and I am a member of an online quilting bee and I have my enthusiasm back again. I've joined the gym, have a new zest for life and I'm looking forward to my 50th birthday in a couple of days.

You can now keep up with my blog on Bloglovin here Follow my blog with Bloglovin I'm a slow blogger though ;)

 Life is what you make it so do what makes you happy.


  1. 50? My goodness you don't look it! Glad to hear you have found your mojo for something crafty, that quilt and frame look fab. I have a son that is both dyslexic and dyscalculi, it is a slog, but with grit and determination you can do it x

    1. Bless you Laney, I don't feel it either and it's how you feel that matters isn't it? The dyscalculi is a bit rubbish especially in my job, I was on such a high after passing that exam.

  2. Live What You Love! Good for you, although I shall miss your beautiful jewellery... as long as I can see a few pretty buttons every now an then, I'll cope xxx
    Might be chatting you up for some quilt-making tips one day too...

    1. I still have clay and no doubt will still make buttons, I couldn't have a life without buttons. I just have to scale back on things right now while this course is going on. Any time Lou :)

  3. I makes me very happy to see someone with 'a new zest for life' :) Doing what makes you happy is the most important thing :D

  4. It sounds like the right decision Nan, life is for doing things you love - when things become a chore, you need to put them aside. Good luck with your course and keep doing what makes you happy - F xx

  5. A difficult decision Nan as the beads have been such a big part of your life. However, you need to follow your heart and move onto things that make you happy, without having to think about marketing or selling. I love the new direction you are taking and look forward to seeing how your quilt-work develops. Once a crafter, always a crafter. Much love, Kym xx