Wednesday, 10 July 2013

blowing away the cobwebs

Oh my days it's dusty in here, time to blow the cobwebs away.
I'm still studying hard on the course, it seems never ending, but it will end I know, I just hope I can get all the work done in time. My weekends are full of either books and folders all over the dining room table or wonderful visits form delicious grandchildren. I know which ones I prefer.:-)

It was Maisie's first birthday yesterday. (she's the one in the middle) Happy birthday sweetie-pie.

My 'special' birthday was wonderful. Jon and I went to London and saw Les Miserables, what a fabulous show! We had an upgrade at our hotel once the receptionist realised it was my birthday and we were put in one of the tower rooms in a beautiful old country house.

Those two windows on the second floor in the tower were ours.    

Here's me on the other side of those windows.

I'm trying to fit some sewing in somewhere too but there has been precious little. I've done some X + blocks though.

I do like making these blocks, I can't wait for the rest to arrive so that I can stitch it all together.

Right then back to the course work... sigh.

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