Saturday, 19 March 2011

First beads in ages

After a long Hiatus I have made some beads, and it feels good, sigh!
I started off with the old favourite random planets and stuck to my favourite colour, green. I made a faux agate pendant and small tiles for earrings. In the mix was some lovely bronze clay which really shines now that they are varnished. However the before picture is shows the true colours better.

Then I found a cane I liked and made some flattened round beads, two round pendants and some more of those earring tiles

I'd forgotten how long it takes to finish polymer beads off, Phew!
I am back in the zone. :)


  1. Love them all, but the basketweave cane is particularly gorgeous :)

  2. Thank you Hazel, I do like the colour of that one.