Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Planet Bead Tutorial

I made this tutorial in order give something back to the polymer clay community which has given me so much, It's not a unique method, there are lots of similar tutorials out there, but here is my version. I hope you like it.

1. First make a base bead from 'mud' colour. The finished bead will be quite a bit bigger than this bead so take this into account.

2. Make a 'log' from your chosen colours, I chose orange, grey and white here. Put the 'log' into your extruder with a small round die in the end, and begin to extruder the clay.

3. Put the base bead onto a mandrel (this is optional, I just prefer to do it this way) and begin to wind the long thin piece of clay around the base bead.

4. Break off the clay once the bead is fully wrapped and remove it from the mandrel if used.

5. At this stage there is a choice, to leave the bead bumpy or roll it smooth in your hands. If you decide to make it smooth, you will need to pierce the hole again.

6. Bake the beads according to the manufacturers instructions. Once cool they need sanding and buffing.

Here are some more I have made using this method


  1. Thanks Nan, these look fun to make :D Hope you're doing okay :)

  2. Thank you Hazel, I'm o.k. trying to get back to some sort of normality

  3. Great Tutorial.. Will give it a try. Thanks for sharing, Nan.

  4. I was sitting here in my studio wondering what to make, so was cruise'n Pinterest. Saw your beads, and said 'that's it'. So am closing down Pinterest and getting to work ondoing some beads. You know you just saved me an hour at lease of Pinterest surfing. Thank you for your generosity for this tutorial.

  5. Thank you, Nan, for taking time to make this tutorial. It's very kind of you to share. :-)

  6. Cc Polynana, je viens de découvrir ta méthode pour les perles avec la pate "beurk/scrap" , et je suis vraiment reconnaissante du partage . Mais je ne sais pas très bien me servir du " clay gun " car je débute ,et je me demande comment faire pour avoir de jolies couleurs , au final ....
    Bonne soirée, bons voeux de France , Joëlle