Saturday, 8 September 2012

Apples and a Bride

Wow! I am so excited!
I was contacted a while ago by Lesa Simons who makes the most beautiful wedding bouquets from buttons.
She asked me if I could make some little apple charms for a wedding bouquet she had been commissioned to do. So I set about mixing colours and trying out some designs. 
I finally came up with something Lesa and I were both happy with, here they are drying after being varnished. Aren't they sweet with their little stalks and leaves?

After adding a loop to each one, I packed them up safely for their journey and waited.

Lesa always has a proper professional photo shoot for her designs with models and photographer and I was really excited to see the pictures.

Well the photographs were emailed to me last week and wow they are amazing. To see my little apples on Lesa's gorgeous bouquet was thrilling, I had butterflies in my tummy.

Thank you Lesa for the opportunity to work with you, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would gladly do it again.

Here are some of the photos taken by Chris Cowley  at the Apple Farm on the Isle of Wight.


  1. What a wonderful mix of talents, that is fabulous:) The apples are so cute Nan.

  2. Beautiful apples Nan...and fab bouquet clever peeps you..;)x

  3. Beautifully done, Nan! You are ahead of the curve, you know... collaboration is going to be the next REALLY BIG THING!

  4. Thanks lovely people. It was really great to work with another artist and to see Lesa's bouquet, which is beautiful as all of her work is, with my apples on was such a treat.

  5. What a great collaboration - It's the way for us all to go :)

  6. My friend wants a button bouquet for her wedding in August- could you give her lessons? She'd pay for your time x

    1. Louise I've no idea how to make a button bouquet, sorry. I do however know how to make buttons ;-)